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Succesvol verkopen in heel Europa met Pan-European FBA

Discover new business opportunities in the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden with Pan-European FBA!

We have extended the Pan-European FBA program to include four additional store options: the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Belgium.

This means you can also enjoy the lowest fee costs and fast delivery for these new stores, on your Pan-Europen FBA enrolled ASINs.
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It allowed us to have product in fulfilment centres nearest to the customer. Not paying any additional fees, we’re able to be extremely competitive on our pricing. Therefore, we sell more units.
Zamir CajeeCEO, iQualTech

What is Pan-European FBA?

Pan-European FBA enables thousands of businesses to sell across Europe easily and at a lower cost.
Increase your FBA sales by up to 30%!*

Let Amazon distribute and store your products in fulfilment centres throughout Europe, in the countries you selected for storage and at no additional cost to you. With products stored closer to customers, fulfilment is faster for customers and cheaper for you.
*Based on a February 2020 study with 876 Pan-European FBA Selling Partners with all European countries enabled for storage, compared to similar FBA Selling Partners not using Pan-European FBA
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Why sell with Pan-European FBA?

Verkoop aan miljoenen klanten met de Prime badge
Sell to millions with the Prime badge
List your products in the required Amazon European stores, with Prime badge eligibility in countries you selected for storage.
Customers worldwide trust Amazon Prime for faster, more reliable deliveries.
Bespaar op fulfillment kosten
Save on your fulfilment costs
Pay the local fulfilment fees in the countries where you enable Amazon to store your products.
Save up to 53% in fulfilment fees.*
Versnel je groei met flexibele opslag
Accelerate your growth with flexible storage
Enable additional countries for Amazon to spread and store your products, close to customer demand and at no additional cost to you.
Zorg voor de snelle levering waar klanten dol op zijn
Provide the fast delivery that customers love
Get Amazon fast delivery for customer orders in the countries where you enable Amazon to store your products.
91% of selling partners indicate the highest levels of satisfaction with their fast delivery across Europe.**
*Calculated as the highest achievable savings comparing the EFN fulfilment fees with the Local fulfilment fees for each size/weight
**According to 2020 FBA Satisfaction Survey
European Fulfilment Network
Pan-European FBA
Réseau de distribution européen
Expédié par Amazon Pan-Européen
Inventory management
Amazon stores products locally only, ready for local delivery or to dispatch to other countries
Amazon distributes and stores your products across Europe, in the countries you enabled for placement
Delivery promise
Very fast if local delivery, slower if shipping cross-border
Very fast in all the countries enabled for storage
A VAT number is required for the country where the goods are stored. Other countries may require a VAT number after a sales threshold is reached
A VAT number is required for each country where goods are stored
Shipping costs
Local fees for local delivery, or higher cross-border fees
Local fees in all the countries enables for storage
Indicative fulfilment cost for
400g standard package
Colis standard de 500 g
8, 81 EUR - 9,47 EUR / 88.56 kr / 38.98 zl
3.76 EUR - 6.40 EUR
in the countries enabled for storage
Informatie over btw van Amazon

Amazon VAT resources

By storing goods in countries other than your home store, you will have additional VAT reporting requirements.
Amazon supports your growth by providing resources and solutions that can help you with VAT compliance.
VAT Services on Amazon is a solution to manage your European VAT registration and filing obligations through Seller Central.

How to get started with Pan-European FBA

Step 1

Create an Amazon Selling Partner account and add your products to FBA

Step 2

List your eligible products in all required Amazon European stores

Step 3

Enable additional countries for Amazon to store your products

Step 4

Send your inventory off to your nearest fulfilment centre and let Amazon do the rest

Step 5

Enjoy fast delivery and local fulfilment fees for your products listed in all required Amazon stores, in the countries enabled for storage

Start fulfilling across Europe with Pan-European FBA

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