Are you building a sustainability start-up and want to maximise your impact?

We want to support you! We are looking for startups developing sustainability-focused products or recycling technologies that help keeping materials circulating.

Les applications pour cette édition sont desormais closes. Vous pouvez signaler votre intérêt pour la prochaine édition
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Amazon Sustainability Accelerator - Startup Meeting

Designed for early-stage start-ups

The Amazon Sustainability Accelerator is a 3-month, equity-free programme that supports early-stage start-ups that are building consumer products or recycling technologies that have a positive impact on the environment! To maximise start-up learning, there will be separate tracks tailored for the two cohorts.

Expertise from sustainability innovators

We are collaborating with EIT Climate-KIC, Europe’s leading climate innovation hub as well as WRAP, NGO recycling leaders. Together, we have designed the programme to ensure start-ups receive relevant support at the intersection of holistic business growth and impact.
Climate KIC

What does the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator Involve?

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Monetary Grants

£10K cash grant
€/£500 Sponsored Amazon Advertising Credits
USD$25K AWS Activate Credits
Gespecialiseerd mentorschap

Specialised Mentorship

The accelerator brings together experts with a focus on start-up growth, climate innovation & sustainability, e-commerce and recycling.
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Tailored Curriculum

Workshops, bootcamps and expert speakers, covering a range of topics ranging from fundamentals for early stage startups to ecommerce and recycling specific sessions.

What additional benefits are available?

Office space
Office space for 3 months in the Amazon HQ in Shoreditch, London or in Berlin.
Climate Impact Assessment
Understand the climate impact potential of your product/tech, develop strategies how to optimise it and receive external validation.
Apprentissage entre pairs et échange avec une communauté de fondateurs partageant les mêmes idées et motivés par la durabilité.
Weeks 1,6 and 12 must be attended in person. The rest of the accelerator will be hybrid: Start-ups can join online or in person. This will be subject to applicable Covid-19 restrictions.
Amazon Launchpad 1 Year Free Access
Dedicated support and free access to Amazon Launchpad for one year to benefit from Amazon’s customer reach. Amazon Launchpad is a one-stop shop for unique and unexpected finds from outstanding start-ups.
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Les applications pour cette édition sont desormais closes. Vous pouvez signaler votre intérêt pour la prochaine édition
Amazon Sustainability Accelerator - Startup Meeting

Key application criteria

Stage: Early-stage start-ups.
Location: EEA, Switzerland or UK based.
(1) Physical Product: Startups working on physical consumer products that are better for the environment. Companies should be beyond prototyping stage, having (some) production capacity.
(2) Recycling Technology: Startups tackling recycling industry challenges creating a more circular economy. Examples of solutions we would like to see are advanced sortation tools, waste management data systems, innovating recycling capabilities. Companies should be beyond prototyping phase.

Hear from other sustainability start-ups

The process

Het proces
Les applications pour cette édition sont desormais closes. Vous pouvez signaler votre intérêt pour la prochaine édition

Start-up Selection Committee:

Jury 1
Kirsty Macdonald
JamJar, Investment Principal
Amazon Startup Selectiecommissie - Cyrus Wadia
Cyrus Wadia
Amazon, Head of Sustainable Product
Jury 3
Ben Honan
EIT Climate-KIC, Investment Manager
Jury 4
Phoebe Wang
Climate Pledge Fund, Investment Partner
Jury 4
Bettina Gilbert
WRAP, Head of Technical Support and Financial Mechanisms
Jury 5
Richard Loretto
Amazon, Director - Circular Economy


What is the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator?
The Amazon Sustainability Accelerator is a 3-month programme that is designed to support entrepreneurs who are in the early stages of building sustainability focused businesses. We offer expert-led workshops, mentorship, office space and access to networks to help navigate the challenges of starting a business within sustainability.

The Accelerator will have 2 distinct tracks - firstly sustainability focused products and secondly, recycling technologies. Both cohorts will run at the same time, however, have seperate support for their specific needs.
How do I apply for the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator?
You can apply for the accelerator via this link. Entries must be submitted in English and by 17 March 2023. Applicants must be prepared to commit to a 3-month programme commencing from 2 May 2023, and finishing with a demo day on the 20th of July.
How do I know if the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator is suited to me?
Typically, the accelerator is suited to companies in the early stages of its operation, either pre-GTM (go-to-market) or <2 years of launching its first product offering. For the sustainablity focused products track, it would be best suited to entrepreneurs who have ambitions to use ecommerce to fuel the growth of their product. For Recycling tech companies, we're looking for for startups targeting recycling industry challenges by providing solutions such as advanced sortation tools, waste management data systems, innovative recycling capabilities. We’re looking for companies that might be small today, but have big, bold ambitions. As you are likely early in your journey, we don’t expect hockey stick growth yet, however, we are looking for clear opportunities for scale.
What type of businesses are suitable?
The programme is best suited to start-ups that are committed to building and growing their business with environmental impact in mind.
Will Amazon be charging for start-ups to join the program?
The program is free and Amazon does not take equity.
Do I need to relocate myself?
No, the accelerator will be operated in a hybrid manner (mixing online and in-person support) allowing you to benefit from face-to-face support when you most need it, while having the flexibility and ease to participate in activities online. However, please note that weeks 1 (2/5/2023 - 5/5/2023),6 (5/6/2023 - 9/6/2023) and 12 (17/7/2023 - 21/7/2023) must be attended in person.
What benefits are part of the Amazon Sustainability Accelerator?
  • Attend a 3-month accelerator programme including exclusive workshops, mentorship and access to Amazon’s network.
  • Free office space in Berlin or London (subject to latest government COVID guidelines)
  • £10,000 Cash grant
  • $25,000 AWS Credits
  • €/£500 Advertising Click Credits
  • Free access to Amazon Launchpad for a year
  • How many businesses will participate in the accelerator?
    Every accelerator cohort will comprise 12-15 companies.
    How did it go last time?
    Here is some coverage the pilot cohort received in 2022 from Sifted , Reuters et Forbes .
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